Pictures: China's earthquake orphans

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China's earthquake orphans

The plight of the 5,500 children who lost their families in the Sichuan earthquake has prompted huge numbers of couples to offer to care for them.

Images of orphans wearing refugee tags have triggered an outpouring of grief and sympathy.

Many couples seeking to adopt earthquake orphans are also motivated by the chance to get around China's one-child policy.

There are signs that the government will suspend its rigid rules on adoption for the Sichuan orphans.

But many experts question whether those wishing to adopt will be able to cope with children who have been traumatised by the loss of their parent.



China earthquake: Chinese one-child families rush to take in orphans

By David Eimer in Beijing
12:42AM BST 01/06/2008

With bewilderment in their eyes and identity tags dangling from their necks, these are the faces of orphans who lost their families in the Sichuan earthquake.