Times: Panic over syringe stabbings spreads to Beijing

From Times Online September 11, 2009

Panic over syringe stabbings spreads to Beijing

By Jane Macartney, China Correspondent


The Chinese authorities are anxious that mysterious syringe stabbings that have caused panic in the restive far west have now reached the capital.


Indications that the bizarre attacks may have extended from the mostly Muslim, riot-torn region of Xinjiang to Beijing came in the form of directives from internet service providers to clients to prevent any mention of such violence on websites.

Managers of websites said that they received notification today to delete any discussion or mention of syringe stabbings in Beijing as soon as these are spotted.


One website manager, who declined to be identified for fear of retribution, told The Times that he had been given no indication of where or when such attacks might have taken place in Beijing. He said: “We don’t even know what is in the syringes. But I’m not worried. I’ll just make sure I only go out in my car and don’t walk in the streets.”