AFP: Xinjiang 'isolated' by email, phone blocks

China's Xinjiang 'isolated' by email, phone blocks

(AFP) – 3 hours ago

BEIJING — Residents in China's restive Xinjiang region remain isolated from the outside world with long-lasting Internet and phone cuts that have prompted some businesses to relocate, locals said Saturday.

Emails are still blocked nearly four months after deadly ethnic unrest erupted in the regional capital Urumqi, as are text messages and international phone calls, residents told AFP.

"Our business has been seriously affected, and we have had to set up an office in Lanzhou (capital of neighbouring Gansu province)," said the head of an Urumqi-based firm, who asked to remain anonymous.

Xinjiang authorities "set up a green channel (for calls and the Internet) for... trade companies in Xinjiang, but it's not enough for us to handle business", he told AFP by phone.



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